Videos coming downstream… RCC Media Team is working hard…

Well the RCC Media Team has been working very hard over the last couple of weeks… Here’s all the videos they have gotten done…

RCC Promo – Upward Commitment Sunday

Director: Anthony Burns
Video Editor: Tori Sydnor

RCC Testimony – Kenny Cossaboon

Director: Anthony Burns
Video Editor: Tori Sydnor
Interviewer: Pastor Joey Jones

RCC Media – Glass Ceiling

Director: Anthony Burns
Video Editor: Tori Sydnor
Speakers: Jervetta Burns, Kevin Burns, Rebecca Phillips, Todd Goldsmith, Sommer Goldsmith

RCC Testimony – Lin Wang

Director: Anthony Burns
Video Editor: Tori Sydnor
Cameramen: Ron Baker and Glynn Whitten

RCC Series Intro – Upward

Director: Anthony Burns
Video Editor: Tori Sydnor

RCC Media – Jens Pulver

Director: Anthony Burns
Video Editor: Tori Sydnor

RCC Series Promo – Upward

Director: Anthony Burns
Video Editor: Tori Sydnor


VCU Brand Center

I read quite a few magazines on a monthly basis about different media and marketing things…

I ran across a really cool article in the most recent issue of “Creativity”…

It was about the new VCU Brand Center (AKA: VCU AdCenter)… They just moved into a new building (near the new Business & Engineering Bldgs)…

Here’s the article…

VCU Brand Center

Google buying another company now an Internet Ad company, NOT!

Well Google has hit a big stumbling block in trying to acquire its most recent company… And ultimately ruling the entire internet..

Here’s an article I picked up from the NY Times:

PARIS, Nov. 13 — European Commission competition authorities refused today to approve Google’s $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick, the Internet advertising company, and ordered an in-depth review amid opposition from rivals, publishers and consumer groups.

So I guess Google’s going to have to figure out a different company to buy up…


So yesterday Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg (to left) announced they are going to begin a new advertising style…

Here’s a clip from the NY Times – Technology Blog:

Yesterday, in a twist on word-of-mouth marketing, Facebook began selling ads that display people’s profile photos next to commercial messages that are shown to their friends about items they purchased or registered an opinion about.

For example, going forward, a Facebook user who rents a movie on will be asked if he would like to have his movie choice broadcast out to all his friends on Facebook. And those friends would have no choice but to receive that movie message, along with an ad from Blockbuster.

I think this is kind of cool… I personally don’t mind advertising for products I like so I’m on board… Let me know what you think…

Google enters the TV world

I just found out about Google has now entered in the TV world…

Here’s some information I found out so far:

TV advertising just got easier with Google TV Ads


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An end-to-end digital system for buying, selling, measuring, and delivering television ads.


How does it work?

Launch your campaign quickly and efficiently through our totally automated process. It’s easy – just send us your video ad, set your own budget and decide when and where you’d like your ads to air.

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As part of the Google TV Ads Beta, currently underway, you’ll be among the first advertisers to experience Google’s new TV ads technology and to gain access to a wealth of data and new insights that you can leverage across all of your television advertising.

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