Christmas Eve

The big night was finally here. It started at about 11:30 AM that morning, rushing to finish up all the videos before the rehearsal time at 3:45 PM.


I had to get some lunch because I didn’t really eat breakfast. I headed over to Chen’s and grabbed some Starbucks on the way back. I got to use my new thermos from the Phillips’ Family. THANKS PHILLIPS’ FAMILY FOR THE NEW STARBUCKS THERMOS.

 Picture coming soon!!! 

It all came down to the line trying to finish everything and get the auditorium prepped for tons of people.


So it’s 4 PM, practice began 15 mines late due to technical issues (which is normal). We ended practice at 4:45 PM and the doors opened. It looks like a steady flow of people rushing in and finding seats. The band began playing pre-service music (A Trans-Siberian Orchestra song).


5 PM Service

The 5 PM service was the largest in attendance for the entire night (600 people). We ended up having people standing at the back of the auditorium and using the Family Lounge and Overflow Room (Thanks Pastor Alan for setting those up). Now it is 5:49 and the 5 PM service ended we let them out our front doors. Immediately ushers, greeters and everyone including myself started clean up from the 5 PM service and doors opened around 5:52 PM.



6 PM Service

The steady flow of people began to enter from the back doors for the 6 PM service. We sat everyone and the 6 PM service began at 6PM. This service is the one we ended up taping for archive purposes. Thanks to all the Live Video Team people for helping out. This service ended up being the lowest in attendance with 303 people. We finished that service, cleaned the auditorium and got ready for the next group who started entering immediately after the next group.


7 PM Service

The last Christmas Eve service and the second largest in attendance, we ended up having 400+ people in this service. We finished the night off great.


In my opinion all 3 services came off great. (THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN EVERY PART OF THE SERVICE.) We had about 1300+ people there and I think that is great attendance for 3 services. I am so proud to be able to do these kinds of services and reach so many people.


The best part about the night was that my boss from the YMCA showed up with her husband and son. They really enjoyed the service and are thinking about coming back for the new series in January.


I am going to try and post some of the videos later.