FAMILY… Burns + Broyles & Boys Only…

Here’s an updated photo of Kenny (my brother), John Allen (cousin), Uncle David and myself…

This was taken while we were in Knoxville over Christmas… It was so nice to see everyone…


Monopoly with the Phillips

To begin this post is just because I was excited to win… It is not being prideful or boasting…

Yesterday we had played Monopoly at the Phillips House…

We each get $15 million to begin… We begin buying properties… Then it becomes an absolute stand still…

Finally I make an offer to Tori for one of her properties… I then have 3 properties… So now it is time to begin building houses… I begin with 2 on each… Then the next go around I add 1 on each… Then it happens someone lands on one, $3 million – then again this time $5 million… My next go around I remove all the houses and put up HOTELS!!!

Then another 2 people land on there, $7.5 million and $9 million… The sad part was people had to sell off their properties to pay me… So anyway after another couple of $7.5 and $9 Million landings… We called the game a win for me…

My final cash total was $79.21 Million… This was totally sweet to win…

I also loved planning with the Phillips Family… Thanks everyone!!!

ROAD TRIP: Pt 4 – Back to Knoxville, TN

Memphis, TN to Knoxville, TN (350 miles – 6 hours)


We got up at 7 AM and got ready for our next part of the road trip. We ended up hitting the road at about 8 AM but not without a stop to Starbucks and McDonald’s.



We had to drive through rain the entire day. It was not fun at all especially around the trucks. We made pretty good time to Knoxville (about 5 hours).


As soon as we got to Knoxville, TN we met the Broyles Family (Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins) at Back Yard Burgers. They own the franchises in Knoxville. I love BYB it so good. I got a bacon cheddar burger and waffle fries, then a chocolate milkshake to finish everything off.


After BYB, we headed back to their house where we opened more gifts. I got a $25 gift card to Friday’s from Aunt Phyllis and Sam and then $50 from Gram. Thanks Phyllis, Sam, and Gram.


After that John Allen challenged me in a round of pool (on his new 3-in-1 pool table, ping pong and air hockey). I won somehow by default of him not hitting the 8 ball right at the end. Then I challenged Kelsey to Air Hockey where I was loosing then Kenny and John Allen jumped in for a little 2-on-2, in the end John Allen and I ended up winning with the two in a row shot.


After all that fun, we headed out to the mall to go to Game Stop. John Allen and Kenny both had gift cards to use. John Allen ended up getting Madden ’08 for his PSP and Kenny got some game for his XBOX.


After that we met up with the Bearden United Methodist Youth Group who was doing a lock-in. They were going to see “National Treasure: Book of Secrets”. We all went to the movie then John Allen and I headed back to the house to hang out and play some more games. Kenny and Kelsey ended up staying and going to Ice Skating at 1 AM in the morning. They apparently got home around 3:30 AM.


It was kind of cool to hang out with John Allen after the movies. He is now 12 (as of 12/29/07) and the conversations are about different things now. John Allen is such a cool cousin, I am glad I got to see him this Christmas.


We ended up crashing around 1 AM.

ROAD TRIP: Pt 1 – Christmas Day

Richmond, VA to Knoxville, TN (450 miles – 7 hours)


Departed RIC at 7:45AM arrived in Knoxville, TN at 3:30 PM


Our route was supposed to be 64-W to 81-S to 40-W.


When we got to the end of 81-S, 40E is what our Dad said to take when 81-S ends and that was totally wrong he sent us right into North Carolina. We soon figured out we were on the wrong route when we saw “Welcome to North Carolina” signs. We went into NC about 10 miles and then finally an exit came up and we turned around. This little detour put us about one hour later into Knoxville than we had planned.



When we arrived into Knoxville we stopped by our stepmom parent’s house for hellos and a lil snack. We then continued onto our grandmother’s house to say hello and pick her up. We then headed over to our aunt and uncle’s house to do dinner and open gifts.


Dinner was great, all the normal fixins, turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole, and everything else.


We then opened gifts (just Kenny and me) everyone else had already opened gifts at the annual gift exchange dinner, which happened the Saturday before. I got at $15 Starbucks card and Khaki pants (which we both excellent gifts). Kenny got “Walk the Line” DVD and Desperate Housewives Calendar (Gag gift).


We then played “Things: Humor in a Box”, which was really funny. I think John Allen won on that one. Then we played “Mad Gab” which is a hilarious game to watch but not so fun when you’re in the hot seat. I think we ended up having a tie on that one between Team Gram (Uncle David, Aunt Natalie, and Gram) and Team Under Armor (Dad, John Allen and Me).


After all that we went into movie and sleep time. Kenny, John Allen, and Uncle David ended up watching “Walk The Line” downstairs and I watched about 30 mins of “The Wedding Date” with Kelsey (my cousin).


I finally got to bed about 12:30 – 1 AM.

Christmas Eve

The big night was finally here. It started at about 11:30 AM that morning, rushing to finish up all the videos before the rehearsal time at 3:45 PM.


I had to get some lunch because I didn’t really eat breakfast. I headed over to Chen’s and grabbed some Starbucks on the way back. I got to use my new thermos from the Phillips’ Family. THANKS PHILLIPS’ FAMILY FOR THE NEW STARBUCKS THERMOS.

 Picture coming soon!!! 

It all came down to the line trying to finish everything and get the auditorium prepped for tons of people.


So it’s 4 PM, practice began 15 mines late due to technical issues (which is normal). We ended practice at 4:45 PM and the doors opened. It looks like a steady flow of people rushing in and finding seats. The band began playing pre-service music (A Trans-Siberian Orchestra song).


5 PM Service

The 5 PM service was the largest in attendance for the entire night (600 people). We ended up having people standing at the back of the auditorium and using the Family Lounge and Overflow Room (Thanks Pastor Alan for setting those up). Now it is 5:49 and the 5 PM service ended we let them out our front doors. Immediately ushers, greeters and everyone including myself started clean up from the 5 PM service and doors opened around 5:52 PM.



6 PM Service

The steady flow of people began to enter from the back doors for the 6 PM service. We sat everyone and the 6 PM service began at 6PM. This service is the one we ended up taping for archive purposes. Thanks to all the Live Video Team people for helping out. This service ended up being the lowest in attendance with 303 people. We finished that service, cleaned the auditorium and got ready for the next group who started entering immediately after the next group.


7 PM Service

The last Christmas Eve service and the second largest in attendance, we ended up having 400+ people in this service. We finished the night off great.


In my opinion all 3 services came off great. (THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN EVERY PART OF THE SERVICE.) We had about 1300+ people there and I think that is great attendance for 3 services. I am so proud to be able to do these kinds of services and reach so many people.


The best part about the night was that my boss from the YMCA showed up with her husband and son. They really enjoyed the service and are thinking about coming back for the new series in January.


I am going to try and post some of the videos later.

Tuesday – Saturday (this week)

I am taking a trip to Tennessee to see family this week (Tues-Sat)…

I expect to have limited internet access and more importantly I want to spend time with my family…

So I will be blogging very little if at all next week…

Please do check beginning Sunday December 30, as I will be posting all about my trip back to Tennessee…

Have a great week and a Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve is upon us…

Well this is the best time of year it’s Christmas…

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve…

We have 3 services (5, 6, 7pm)…

I am sooooo excited about these services because we should have around 1000+ in one night at our church and the services are going to be AWESOME!!!

I hope to post some of the video after the services…

Today we had our Family Christmas Services and had over 600 people there… The services from today are great… I especially liked the “Happy Birthday Jesus” song by our Children’s Choir with soloist Zeik (my little nephew kinda)… He did a great job!!!

Well MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night…

I will continue praying for all those involved in any Christmas Eve services…