LCTV – Day 1

WOW!!! Today was great…

We got to see a ton of stuff…

We headed over to the OKC Campus earlier in the day and it was open due to a Children’s Ministry Training. So we took our own tour around and got some great pictures of the children’s wing, auditorium, and lobby areas.

We attended the 5PM service at the OKC Campus. Worship with Stephen Cole was incredible. The message tonight by Chris Spardlin was great.

Then we got to hang out with Terry Storch. He gave us an awesome behind-the-scenes tour of the Live Video/Broadcast area, that was totally awesome. It was sweet to see all the technology and how they run the operations.

Terry also introduced us to Jerry (who is on Directional Leadership Team for LC). Jerry gave us some quick and great insights into multi-site, he’s been around since the beginning. Thanks Jerry for the advice!

Then we had dinner with Terry at Casablanca. Terry had some great things to say to Pastor Kevin and myself. He actually helped me come to the realization on something. Getting the opportunity to hear so great words of encouragement and advice from Terry was great. Thanks Terry for the encouragement and advice!

Lots of stuff to see and do tomorrow. So I’m out for now. Will try and post pictures later.