LCTV – Day 1

WOW!!! Today was great…

We got to see a ton of stuff…

We headed over to the OKC Campus earlier in the day and it was open due to a Children’s Ministry Training. So we took our own tour around and got some great pictures of the children’s wing, auditorium, and lobby areas.

We attended the 5PM service at the OKC Campus. Worship with Stephen Cole was incredible. The message tonight by Chris Spardlin was great.

Then we got to hang out with Terry Storch. He gave us an awesome behind-the-scenes tour of the Live Video/Broadcast area, that was totally awesome. It was sweet to see all the technology and how they run the operations.

Terry also introduced us to Jerry (who is on Directional Leadership Team for LC). Jerry gave us some quick and great insights into multi-site, he’s been around since the beginning. Thanks Jerry for the advice!

Then we had dinner with Terry at Casablanca. Terry had some great things to say to Pastor Kevin and myself. He actually helped me come to the realization on something. Getting the opportunity to hear so great words of encouragement and advice from Terry was great. Thanks Terry for the encouragement and advice!

Lots of stuff to see and do tomorrow. So I’m out for now. Will try and post pictures later.

“Bring Your Own Device”

So Verizon looks like they are opening up their network for you to bring your own device onto. This would be really nice especially for people who move from one cell phone company to another. There of course some minimum technical requirements.

Here’s the article I found on it:

Verizon Wireless has stunned the wireless world by announcing that by sometime next year it will open its network to “any apps, any device.”

There is a lot of fine print, but the essence appears to be that Verizon will offer two flavors of service: its traditional bundle, which typically includes a subsidy for phone purchase and various other features, and “bring your own” device service, which will be open to any device that meets “minimum technical standards.”

So I look forward to seeing what this looks like in the end. Will other companies follow suit? Guess we have to wait and see. Article

Arruda and Dixson warn: you are being googled. Internet research is now a no-brainer in the hiring process, whether you are applying for a job or pitching your bid. So, how can you impress recruiters and clients when they perform this kind of reference check? The authors offer steps to making you digitally distinctive.

So I had to think about if I have ever been Googled and I remembered when I was getting hired at some interviews the interviewer was talking about my blog… I thought to myself “Huh? How did they get my blog address?” I guess I have been Googled a couple of times that I know of…

This is kind of funny but if you Google “Anthony Burns” you get responses about the “African American Fugitive Slave”, that’s obviously not me but I thought it was kind of funny.

Be sure and check out this article:

Let me know what you think…

True friend or a soundboard?

This is article is not written to anyone specifically just something I was pondering on the other day… 

So what is a friend really?

I think it is a person who you hang with, you discuss problems with back and forth, someone who you have things in common with.

Here’s what Websters says: Unabridged (v 1.1)Cite This SourceShare This

friend      [frend] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation


1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony.
3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile: Who goes there? Friend or foe?
4. a member of the same nation, party, etc.
5. (initial capital letter) a member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker.

–verb (used with object)

6. Rare. to befriend.

7. make friends with, to enter into friendly relations with; become a friend to.

[Origin: bef. 900; ME friend, frend, OE fréond friend, lover, relative (c. OS friund, OHG friunt (G Freund), Goth frijōnds), orig. prp. of fréogan, c. Goth frijōn to love]

Or is that person just a soundboard?

I think a soundboard is just a person who you can vent to. This person is not really a friend just someone to complain to. This person may or may not have something in common with you.

So what are you???

It’s here! It’s here! But no GPhone…

Okay so the GPhone is not real but the project is real… Google is not developing their own phone but they are developing a phone operating system and software package… Google announced last week the project and some details about it… Google has name the project ANDROID…

I don’t know about you but that is a really cool name and I kinda like the graphic too… Here’s the website with all the info:

Here’s the release story from the co-founders of Android:

So Google yesterday released what this program looks like here’s some videos:

So there’s more to the project… They are having a contest for developers…

Here’s the info from Google:

Cool apps that surprise and delight mobile users, built by developers like you, will be a huge part of the Android vision. To support you in your efforts, Google has launched the Android Developer Challenge, which will provide $10 million in awards — no strings attached — for great mobile apps built on the Android platform.

How It Works

The award money will be distributed equally between two Android Developer Challenges:

  • Android Developer Challenge I: We will accept submissions from January 2 through March 3, 2008
  • Android Developer Challenge II: This part will launch after the first handsets built on the platform become available in the second half of 2008

In the Android Developer Challenge I, the 50 most promising entries received by March 3 will each receive a $25,000 award to fund further development. Those selected will then be eligible for even greater recognition via ten $275,000 awards and ten $100,000 awards. (

Well this is very exciting… I am ready to see what gets developed from the project… Sounds like it could be revelotionary…

Some cool technology to pass along…

So a good friend passed this along to me this morning and I wanted to pass it along to my blogging audience…

There is a brand new, very cool technology called Jott… With the increased amount that people use the internet a company decided to capture the use of calling in and getting e-mails sent, posting to your blog and much more…

Here’s the website:


  Create To Do Lists and Reminders

  Send E-mail and Text Messages

  Blog your thoughts from anywhere

… all with just your voice!

 This sounds really cool… So what else could someone possibly come up with… I mean people are just making life more and more easy for everyone and especially the busy people…

Check them out… I am setting up an account right now and plan to post more later about it…

Facebook Ads Update!!!

This is hot off the press…. Literally this article on NY Times was published in the past 25 minutes…

Here’s a section of the article:

There is at least one problem with this idea: It may be illegal under a 100-year-old New York privacy law. The statute says that “any person whose name, portrait, picture, or voice is used within this state for advertising purposes or for the purposes of trade without the written consent first obtained” can sue for damages. Moreover, such a use is also a criminal misdemeanor.

According to William McGeveran, a professor at the University of Minnesota Law School who wrote about these laws in a blog post today, the law would apply to Facebook users anywhere if the ad were displayed in New York. Arguably, it could apply if the ad was displayed on a computer screen within the state. Yet “where the ad actually is in cyberspace is a whole other can of worms,” he said.

So what is Facebook going to do… Who knows but I mean come on a 100 year old law that definately never saw the internet coming… Well I just wanted to pass this along…