Randy Pausch

So I just found out about this professor from Carnegie-Mellon who has pancreatic cancer…

His real-life story is one that really moves me and many many people around the world…



We are going to use it as a media for this weekend as we talk about “Life Is Good, When You Persevere Through Problems.”

Take some time and pray for Randy he is still alive and WOW has he really changed some people’s lives…

Also pray for his wife Jai and his 3 kids…

You can check on his status here http://download.srv.cs.cmu.edu/~pausch/news/index.html


MediaThoughts.tv was officially launched today. I redid the look/feel and of course the web address. Let me know what you think about the new site.

I will continue to deliver the vision I have for Media Thoughts through MediaThoughts.tv and other mediums. You can also join our FaceBook group. I will let you know about more mediums in the future. I am also currently working on a custom graphic for Media Thoughts and 804 Media Works (My Private Company).

Shoot me an e-mail to anthonyburns@mediathoughts.tv if you have any questions or concerns.


This week’s personal outlook (as of now, subject to change)…

I am excited about the first part of my week but not so much on that later part… It’s going to be crazy week… By the way I have started the Stengths Assessment by Marcus Buckingham (Love It/Loathe It)…

Monday –
Meeting with Video Producers (Love It!!)
Launch new personal blog www.mediathoughts.tv (Love it!!)

Tuesday –
Work @ Cap 1 (8-12 PM) (Loathe it…)
Meeting with Worship Pastor (Love It!!)
Working on MediaWiki for my Arts Team (Love It!!)

Wednesday –
Work @ Cap 1 (8-12 PM)
Staff Mtg with Worship Pastor (Love It!!)
Staff Mtg with Video Producers (Love It!!)
Work on Facebook App (Love It!!)

Thursday –
College begins (Loathe It…)
Meeting with Associat Pastor on community involvement (Love It!!!)
Tech/Band Practice (Love It!!!)

Friday –
College really begins (Loathe It…)
RELAX after a long, hard week!!! (Love It!!)

Saturday –
Work (10-3 PM) (Loathe It…)

Sunday –

I really need to find a job too… I found out a couple of week ago I could be let go from Capital One by the end of the month… Please pray for me to find a great job that pays well…

I’m an Animated Director…

I found this on Terry Storch’s blog and wanted to try it out for myself… I found that it was very interesting… It only took about 20 minutes… Here’s the outcome…

Animated Director

Glossary of Traits:
Click here to learn more about the traits.


Low                                                               High


Low                                                               High


Low                                                               High


Low                                                               High

Trust in others  

Low                                                               High


Low                                                               High


Low                                                               High


Low                                                               High


Low                                                               High

Attention to style  

Low                                                               High


Low                                                               High


Imaginative                                                 Earthy


Functional                                                Aesthetic


Here’s the actual “public” report:  My personalDNA Report

You can Psych Me here: http://personaldna.com/psychyou-psychme.php?for=87e4ceb2c593 


Take The Test: http://www.personaldna.com/

Believing In People…

This past weekend I got a great opportunity to speak to two people who I know well… Both of these people have great aspirations for their lives but are moving in that direction right now… I don’t know why but I felt the need to encourage these people… I have decided to dedicate time to both of them to help them get where they want to be… I really believe that when you believe in people they begin to believe in themselves more… Both of these people are more than able to do want they want to do… I just think sometimes we all need a little nudge… I thank God for allowing me to help these people and I look forward to seeing them succeed in life…

Here’s some questions for you to consider:
Do you believe in people?
Have you ever taken time to show someone they can do something that they want to do?
Do you speak words of encouragement to your friend, family and others?
Do you stand at the door and help people find their way?

I challenge you to consider these questions… Let me know what you think…