Mike Huckabee!!!

MikeHuckabee.com - I Like Mike! MikeHuckabee.com - I Like Mike!

If you don’t know the Virginia Primaries are just upon us… They are February 12, 2008… That is only 3 days away…

I have been looking over the candidates and I like Mike Huckabee… McCain seems to be to liberal… 

Huckabee’s Thoughts on Taxes/Economy:

  • I support the FairTax.
  • As Governor of Arkansas, I cut taxes and fees almost 100 times, saving the taxpayers almost $380 million. I left a surplus of nearly $850 million, which I urged should go back to the people.
  • Our massive deficit is not due to Americans’ being under-taxed, but to the government’s over-spending.
  • To control spending, I believe the President should have the line-item veto.
  • I believe in free trade, but it has to be fair trade.
  • Globalization, done right, done fairly, can be the equivalent of a big pay raise by allowing us to buy things more cheaply.
  • I support making the Bush tax cuts (set to expire in 2010) permanent.
  • Furthermore, I believe that we need to expand upon these cuts by further reducing marginal rates on individual and corporate income, instituting credits for tuition, and eliminating the “death tax.” 

Here’s a listing of Huckabee’s sites:

Huckabee on YouTube
Huckabee on Facebook
Huckabee on Flickr

The stage is finished!!!

It was actually finished on Sunday morning at 8:46 AM (14 minutes before service)… 

Here are some pictures of the final stage…

I think it looks great…



A night out on the town…

I do work a lot but I also like to have fun… About a week ago Trevor, Liz, Megan, Tori and I went to Red Robin for dinner… It was really nice to just hang out and have fun… We were also planning on going to LaserTron but apparently they are closed on Sunday nights (bummer)…

I took this picture here because Tori has never seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”… We are scheduling a movie night very soon to make sure she sees it…

After dinner Tori, Megan and me went to Starbucks and hung out for a while… It was nice just to relax and hang out…

Stage Update 2

It’s day 3 (Tuesday) of the stage move and here’s your latest update on the stage move… I think I am going to post these photos and maybe one more set but I don’t want to give away the entire look until after Sunday…

I think this maybe one of the coolest stage configurations we have done… I can’t wait to get to the end product… Let me know your thoughts…

Stage Move – Update 1

So the stage move has been underway for almost 1.5 days and here’s what it looks like so far…



Thanks Jessica for taking some great photos!!!

So we are definately making some progress… You can see more on my Flickr Slideshow

My new technology love is Flickr…

While I have know about Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home for a while I have never really looked into its uses… I have now begun using Flickr for pictures… I stumbled across Flickr again when I was reading someone else’s blog… I kept saying why don’t I use Flickr for my pictures…

Here are some pluses I found to using Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home:
~ Well known!!!
~ Cool Flash badge (but I can’t use it right now because I let WordPress.com host my blog but it’s still sweet!!!)
~ Neat slideshow function (better than the Picasa one in my book)
~ Great uploader (Faster and user friendly)
~ Works with lots of blogging software packages and Facebook!!!

Some downsides (but I haven’t really run into these yet):
~ Monthly upload allowance (100 Mb/mo)
~ No download capability once uploaded

So my new technology love is Flickr… Thanks Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home for being such a great picture software package…

Here’s my slideshow… Check it out!!!

So I suggest you sign up now!!! Let me know what you think about Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home.