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Kenny is off to the Marines!!!

In case you don’t know… My little brother left for the Marines this past Sunday night…

Last Friday we had a going away party for him with some people from the church…

Here’s a funny video with Kenny (the one with the sunglasses)…


ROAD TRIP: Pt 3 – In Memphis, TN

We spent the night in Memphis, TN at our Mom’s house. We woke up the next day and began the Family Hello Tour. It first started with seeing our other grandmother, Mimi. She just moved into a new house so we headed over there. It was really nice to see Mimi since I haven’t seen here in almost 4 years. We also got to see her dog, Duke, he is a Doberman pincher.


After seeing Mimi, I wanted to stop by and see my elementary school and high school (8th – 10th grade). I remember running around in the elementary school yard and hanging with friends in high school. So it was kind of sad to see that they were pretty worn down.


Ridgeway Elementary (Memphis, TN)


Ridgeway High School (Memphis, TN)


After seeing our old schools, we headed to our Uncle John’s house; he is our mom’s brother. We hung out with Uncle John and Hillary (his daughter) plus his new girlfriend and her son. It was so nice to see Uncle John. I always like seeing him beat up on Kenny a little. He is a Shelby County Deputy Sheriff and has his own fencing company. We ended up being there for about an hour.



After Uncle John’s house we headed to Downtown Memphis. I really wanted to eat at the Rendezvous, a great real bar-b-que place. I had a full rack of ribs (they only make them dry, the best way to make ribs). Check out what they look like.

Rendezvous was so good, I had never been there before.


Since we were in Downtown Memphis we ended up heading over to The Peabody Hotel” and Peabody Place.


The Peabody Hotel is a really nice hotel. They have these famous ducks that are in the lobby and they live in the penthouse at the hotel. We used to see the ducks all the time when we were younger and lived in Memphis.


Peabody Place is an extension of the hotel. We went and saw “National Treasure 2” over there. We had about 45 mins before the movie so we walked around. This used to be “the place” to hang out and now it was kind of shabby looking, most of the cool places had moved out and it was just not the same as it used to be.



“National Treasure: The Book of Secrets” was really good. I particularly liked it because it had to do with the Presidency and who killed Abraham Lincoln.


After the movie we headed back to moms and went to bed.


Today’s the day when you really begin to realize you ate way to much yesterday. Well the YMCA of Greater Richmond has an opportunity for you to work off that extra weight for FREE. Today all the YMCAs in Richmond are open to anyone in the community.

There are all kinds of activites going on all day. You can work out, play in the gym, swim, and all kinds of classes. Check out www.ymcarichmond.org for more information.

Thanksgiving Feast and Service

Last night was our annual Thanksgiving Feast and Service…

It began with setting up the auditorium into a banquet style room arond 2 PM and that ended right at 5:45 PM…

The food began rolling in around 5:45 PM… And there was a ton… The Turkey, the Ham, the Chicken and all the sides you could imagine…

I however was disappointed that the Mac-n-Cheese was gone by the time I got to the serving tables…

The place was packed with adults, kids, and teens…

The feast was followed by a service which had praise and worship and personal testimonies….

The praise and worship was great… We sang some older songs and of course some newer ones… We also sang a song that we only sing about once a year “The Happy Song”, I particulary like this song because it’s so up beat…

The people’s testimonies were great too… Some people talked about small groups, youth, and other events… Our Senior Pastor gave thanks to our Video Production Team who works behind the scenes and often doesn’t get enough praise… They do an awesome job and definately should be recognized…

Well I’m ready to Thanksgiving… The church is serving on Wednesday night with our normal “Feeding The Homeless” and on Thursday at the “Home Team Grill” for our annual serving to the needy… I look forward to seeing everyone being blessed this week by our church and many others…


I went to one of the coolest eating places last night…

The food was great… We had a cheese plate as an appetizer (It was really interesting)… I had pork chops, cheese grits, asparagus, and apples (The best food I have had in a long time from an restaurant)…

Grilled Double Pork Chop
stone ground vermont white cheddar grits, southern greens,
roasted braeburn apple, cognac sauce $17

The atmosphere was really cool…

Here’s what others thought:

“My money goes where my mouth is, and these days it’s at Bank.”
Virginia Living
“Substance with style…Very Rockefeller”

Style Weekly.com
“Richmond will be blown away by the hottest place in town.”

“Richmond’s newest eatery is already promising to be one of the hottest destinations in town.”

If you are ever in Richmond, VA check it out…