I’m back!

Dear Blogging World,

I have decided to return to the blogging scene. I took some time off due to a crazy busy school, work, and church schedule this past fall/winter. It’s still crazy busy but I feel the need to blog.

So what I have done…
I began shooting video for HighImpactChurch.tv – The Internet Campus I direct/run/lead.
I ran a huge community changing group last semester, Front Porch Partners, class project but really did work
I have been trying to get a company of the ground, 804 Media Works (E-mail me if you need any video work done)
I worked on some contracts for Amazon.com for HighImpactLiving.com, successful!

There’s a ton more but I will get to that later.

So here’s what I got going now…
Virginia Commonwealth University – Student – Last official semester
HighImpactChurch.tv – Campus Director – Great Internet Campus Services for the World
Richmond Community Church – Technology Director – Great Live Services in Richmond, VA
HighImpactLiving.com – Business Director – Life relevant messages from Rick McDaniel

I hope you will continue check back soon as I will be trying to blog every couple of days as possible.



You Tube + Oprah = Huge Numbers

I don’t watch Oprah but I came across this news story from a friend and began looking at more online…

Here’s the article: http://www.marketwire.com/mw/release.do?id=788149

So basically YouTube and Harpo Studios have combined to create an Oprah on YouTube channel…

An organization I work with (High Impact Living) has been requesting a non-profit channel for over 2 months now and still have yet to get it processed… I guess YouTube has other priorities… All we want is the capability to add a header banner on our page… Is that too much to ask for???

Well back to the Oprah YouTube deal… She had the founders of YouTube on her show today where they talked about the popularity of YouTube… They also talked about the “Evolution of Dance” guy and his new video… They even talked about how PDiddy only advertised his new fragerance on YouTube and it has been highly successful…

I believe that YouTube is the future for online videos… They are cool and in right now so get on the band wagon if you are not there yet…

Some blogs worth looking at…

I wanted to take a minute and post some blogs I look at daily. They also were one’s that I thought others could benefit from:

http://blog.804mediaworks.com (This site of course)

www.highimpactliving.net (Rick McDaniel – Senior Pastor, Glen Allen Community Church)

www.terrystorch.com (Terry Storch – Digerati Pastor, LifeChurch.tv)

http://swerve.lifechurch.tv (Craig Groeschel – Senior Pastor, LifeChurch.tv and Bobby Grunewald – Innovation Pastor, LifeChurch.tv)

http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/ (NY Times – Technology Blog)

These are just some of the daily websites and blogs I look at… Let me know some more if you know some that would be worth my time…

New High Impact Living Website/Blog

As many of you know I work in a church… We just this last week released a new website for our Senior Pastor’s personal ministry… Be sure and visit it at www.highimpactliving.net… The new site is going to be run more as a blog rather than a website… You will find postings with his audio podcast, video podcast and topics of discussion on the front page…

High Impact Living is “Your Resource For Life.” Rick McDaniel gives a relevant and Biblical perspective on various life topics ranging from Reltionships to Business, from Finances to Health. He even covers such niched topics as Living Single, Marriage, and Parenting. You can find wisdom on Chosing a College or a Career and even on difficult topics like sexuality.

Let me know what you think about the new site…