60 Minutes and Lakewood Church

So I was flipping through the channels last night and saw Joel Osteen on 60 Minutes. I continued to watch it for a couple of minutes.

I was amazed at what Joel was discussing. They were talking about his church and it’s influence on people’s lives. They also discussed his books and how they are not “religious” but pratical.

At one point in the interview Joel began to cry and the cameras couldn’t keep him in the shot. The interviewer asked him “Joel explain what is going on here.” Joel responded with “it’s just so fulfilling on Sunday afternoon to see the lives you have impacted.”

The next section talked about his message and what he talks about.

I thought about this and what to say a couple of things about it:

1. It truly is fulfilling to work in a church and see the lives changed.

2. I wish that outsiders would just leave churches and especially Pastor’s alone about their messages. In my mind if the church is growing and saving souls who cares if their message is more happy than the “we are going to hell” way.

3. If a church is growing and being successful they must be doing something right. So way to go Lakewood!

So basically I thought the interview was very interesting but I wish that the media outlets would stop critizing churches on their style and messages.

It’s been crazy…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been crazy and its not slowing down either.

Here’s some recent projects I just finished working on:

Coach Grant Interview

Good Sense Promo

You can see more of my videos on the Video Tab. Just last night I showed a video I worked on at a wedding. Then this morning another video drama at the church.

It’s going to be a crazy week because we have to tape another video drama tomorrow night and have it edited by Thursday night. Well see you around. Thanks for stopping by.