ROAD TRIP: Pt 4 – Back to Knoxville, TN

Memphis, TN to Knoxville, TN (350 miles – 6 hours)


We got up at 7 AM and got ready for our next part of the road trip. We ended up hitting the road at about 8 AM but not without a stop to Starbucks and McDonald’s.



We had to drive through rain the entire day. It was not fun at all especially around the trucks. We made pretty good time to Knoxville (about 5 hours).


As soon as we got to Knoxville, TN we met the Broyles Family (Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins) at Back Yard Burgers. They own the franchises in Knoxville. I love BYB it so good. I got a bacon cheddar burger and waffle fries, then a chocolate milkshake to finish everything off.


After BYB, we headed back to their house where we opened more gifts. I got a $25 gift card to Friday’s from Aunt Phyllis and Sam and then $50 from Gram. Thanks Phyllis, Sam, and Gram.


After that John Allen challenged me in a round of pool (on his new 3-in-1 pool table, ping pong and air hockey). I won somehow by default of him not hitting the 8 ball right at the end. Then I challenged Kelsey to Air Hockey where I was loosing then Kenny and John Allen jumped in for a little 2-on-2, in the end John Allen and I ended up winning with the two in a row shot.


After all that fun, we headed out to the mall to go to Game Stop. John Allen and Kenny both had gift cards to use. John Allen ended up getting Madden ’08 for his PSP and Kenny got some game for his XBOX.


After that we met up with the Bearden United Methodist Youth Group who was doing a lock-in. They were going to see “National Treasure: Book of Secrets”. We all went to the movie then John Allen and I headed back to the house to hang out and play some more games. Kenny and Kelsey ended up staying and going to Ice Skating at 1 AM in the morning. They apparently got home around 3:30 AM.


It was kind of cool to hang out with John Allen after the movies. He is now 12 (as of 12/29/07) and the conversations are about different things now. John Allen is such a cool cousin, I am glad I got to see him this Christmas.


We ended up crashing around 1 AM.

ROAD TRIP: Pt 3 – In Memphis, TN

We spent the night in Memphis, TN at our Mom’s house. We woke up the next day and began the Family Hello Tour. It first started with seeing our other grandmother, Mimi. She just moved into a new house so we headed over there. It was really nice to see Mimi since I haven’t seen here in almost 4 years. We also got to see her dog, Duke, he is a Doberman pincher.


After seeing Mimi, I wanted to stop by and see my elementary school and high school (8th – 10th grade). I remember running around in the elementary school yard and hanging with friends in high school. So it was kind of sad to see that they were pretty worn down.


Ridgeway Elementary (Memphis, TN)


Ridgeway High School (Memphis, TN)


After seeing our old schools, we headed to our Uncle John’s house; he is our mom’s brother. We hung out with Uncle John and Hillary (his daughter) plus his new girlfriend and her son. It was so nice to see Uncle John. I always like seeing him beat up on Kenny a little. He is a Shelby County Deputy Sheriff and has his own fencing company. We ended up being there for about an hour.



After Uncle John’s house we headed to Downtown Memphis. I really wanted to eat at the Rendezvous, a great real bar-b-que place. I had a full rack of ribs (they only make them dry, the best way to make ribs). Check out what they look like.

Rendezvous was so good, I had never been there before.


Since we were in Downtown Memphis we ended up heading over to The Peabody Hotel” and Peabody Place.


The Peabody Hotel is a really nice hotel. They have these famous ducks that are in the lobby and they live in the penthouse at the hotel. We used to see the ducks all the time when we were younger and lived in Memphis.


Peabody Place is an extension of the hotel. We went and saw “National Treasure 2” over there. We had about 45 mins before the movie so we walked around. This used to be “the place” to hang out and now it was kind of shabby looking, most of the cool places had moved out and it was just not the same as it used to be.



“National Treasure: The Book of Secrets” was really good. I particularly liked it because it had to do with the Presidency and who killed Abraham Lincoln.


After the movie we headed back to moms and went to bed.

ROAD TRIP: Pt 2 – The Day After Christmas

Knoxville, TN to Memphis, TN (350 miles – 6 hours)


We spent the night at our Uncle David and Aunt Natalie’s house. Aunt Natalie cooked up breakfast (Biscuits, Sausage and Eggs). We had some of our Great Aunt Jess’ homemade jelly (she lives in Liberty, SC), the jelly was really good.


We got ready and it was time to hit the road again. We stopped by and said hi to Be Be and Pop Pop (Uncle David’s parents) and longtime extended family. Then we hit road again headed to Memphis, TN this time.



We left Knoxville, TN around 1:30 PM (EST) and got into Memphis, TN about 6:30 PM (CST). We made great time about 6 hours exactly. We saw a billboard for Starbucks that said “EXIT NOW”. So we had to make a little pit stop for Starbucks.


This Starbucks was really cool; it was a drive thru and like a super Starbucks on the inside. It was quite large and they had liked 5 espresso machines going.


Kenny ordered a “BLACKEYE” which is bold coffee and 2 shot of Espresso. Kenny was wired the rest of trip. I ordered my “Peppermint Mocha”.  

I got to use my new mug that Pastor Joey gave me. THANKS PASTOR JOEY FOR THE NEW STARBUCKS COFFEE MUG.



After our great Starbucks stop we got back on the road and headed to Memphis, TN.


When we got into Memphis, TN we picked up our mom and went to dinner with one of my old friends, Krystal and her mom Lynette. We were also joined by her boyfriend and her 2 year old daughter, Jade. Jade was so cute, she looks exactly like her mom.


After dinner we headed to my mom’s house to go to bed. I ended up watching “Live Free or Die Hard” which was a really cool movie.

 I ended up in bed around 12:30 AM.

A Review of “Enchanted”

So I went to see Enchanted yesterday with the Phillips Family. I thought the movie was okay. It had it’s ups and downs.

I was very impressed by all the special effects and use of green screening for the movie.

Here’s some other critics reviews.

My Rating: 

I think the movie is great for families.

Let me know what you think.

The Kingdom – MOVIE REVIEW

So I went and saw a movie tonight… First one in a long time…

I went to see THE KINGDOM…

This movie was full of action, action, action… It was maybe one of the best movie I have seen in a long time…

Here’s what it is about:

When a terrorist bomb detonates inside a Western housing compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, an international incident is ignited. While diplomats slowly debate equations of territorialism, FBI Special Agent Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx) quickly assembles an elite team (Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman) and negotiates a secret five-day trip into Saudi Arabia to locate the madman behind the bombing. Upon landing in the desert kingdom, however, Fleury and his team discover Saudi authorities suspicious and unwelcoming of American interlopers into what they consider a local matter. Hamstrung by protocol-and with the clock ticking on their five days-the FBI agents find their expertise worthless without the trust of their Saudi counterparts, who want to locate the terrorist in their homeland on their own terms. Fleury’s crew finds a like-minded partner in Saudi Colonel Al-Ghazi (Ashraf Barhoum), who helps them navigate royal politics and unlock the secrets of the crime scene and the workings of an extremist cell bent on further destruction. With these unlikely allies sharing a propulsive commitment to crack the case, the team is led to the killer’s front door in a blistering do-or-die confrontation. Now in a fight for their own lives, strangers united by one mission won’t stop until justice is found in The Kingdom.

I give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars…

Broadcast Your Cause!!!

So I found out about You Tube having a non-profit division. They give you more options and all kinds of stuff.

Here’s an article that was on Pastor Alan’s blog: