Classes to come…

So I don’t really talk much about my ministry work on my blog but I felt like this was a really cool idea that Pastor Joey and I came up with. I have recently become more and more stressed out with not having enough volunteers so I asked Pastor Joey if he had any creative ideas. This morning he told about one which we talked through and a great idea came out of it.

So the idea is that the Technology Department of RCC offer some classes to the general congregation and then some classes to people wanting to get involved immediately in serving.

So here’s some of the classes we are thinking about:

  • General Classes
    • Digital Photo Editing (Picasa and Photoshop Elements)
    • How To Make A Great Home Video (Premiere Elements)
    • Blogging and Social Networking 101
    • Making Great Business Presentations
  • Volunteer Training Classes
    • Intro to Stage Lighting
    • Intro to Media Shout
    • Intro to Live Video Cameras
    • Intro to Sound Mixing
    • Intro to Field Production
    • Intro to Video Editing
    • Intro to Graphic Production

I am really excited about getting to teach most of these classes. I really like doing presentations and especially teaching people about anything technology or media related. As we get closer to the actual date of these classes I will give out some more details.