VCU Fall Semester 2007 begins…

Well classes officially began yesterday but today is my first full day of classes… I have 4 classes but only 3 classes are meeting today… One of my classes is an “out of class” assignment which was to read Ch. 1 and the class syllabus…

My first couple of classes have been good so far.. I still have Organizational Behavior and Accounting today so we will see how those go… I will post more later…

Right now I am sitting in the student commons watching everyone rushing to classes… The VCU internet also stinks…. I have typed this posting like 3 times now and I can’t upload my pictures on Flickr…

However Tori can get on Flickr what is up with that…

I took some pictures of the new VCU art they have around campus and some other stuff… was officially launched today. I redid the look/feel and of course the web address. Let me know what you think about the new site.

I will continue to deliver the vision I have for Media Thoughts through and other mediums. You can also join our FaceBook group. I will let you know about more mediums in the future. I am also currently working on a custom graphic for Media Thoughts and 804 Media Works (My Private Company).

Shoot me an e-mail to if you have any questions or concerns.


Some blogs worth looking at…

I wanted to take a minute and post some blogs I look at daily. They also were one’s that I thought others could benefit from: (This site of course) (Rick McDaniel – Senior Pastor, Glen Allen Community Church) (Terry Storch – Digerati Pastor, (Craig Groeschel – Senior Pastor, and Bobby Grunewald – Innovation Pastor, (NY Times – Technology Blog)

These are just some of the daily websites and blogs I look at… Let me know some more if you know some that would be worth my time…

I have been Psyched by someone…

According to someone you are a Benenvolent Director 

Someone’s Personality Chart for you

»Glossary of Traits

This chart shows thirteen personality traits. The green bars indicate where someone thinks you are, compared to other users on that trait. For example, if Confidence is at 80, that means that 80% of people’s scores on Confidence were lower than someone’s score for you. The yellow bars indicate your percentile scores, based on when you took the test for yourself. The percentile information is based on your responses compared to a sample of 30,000 users.

Confidence 92

Low                                                     High

Openness 50

Low                                                     High 

Extroversion 94

Low                                                      High  

Empathy 64

Low                                                       High 

Trust in others 96

Low                                                        High 

Agency 60

Low                                                       High 

Masculinity 94

Low                                                        High  

Femininity 22

Low                                                    High 

Spontaneity 4

Low                                                       High 

Attention to style 92

Low                                                   High 

Authoritarianism 58

Low                                                   High 

Earthy/Imaginative 76

Imaginative                                       Earthy

Aesthetic/Functional 80

Functional                                Aesthetic


match percentage: 85%

New High Impact Living Website/Blog

As many of you know I work in a church… We just this last week released a new website for our Senior Pastor’s personal ministry… Be sure and visit it at… The new site is going to be run more as a blog rather than a website… You will find postings with his audio podcast, video podcast and topics of discussion on the front page…

High Impact Living is “Your Resource For Life.” Rick McDaniel gives a relevant and Biblical perspective on various life topics ranging from Reltionships to Business, from Finances to Health. He even covers such niched topics as Living Single, Marriage, and Parenting. You can find wisdom on Chosing a College or a Career and even on difficult topics like sexuality.

Let me know what you think about the new site…

Believing In People…

This past weekend I got a great opportunity to speak to two people who I know well… Both of these people have great aspirations for their lives but are moving in that direction right now… I don’t know why but I felt the need to encourage these people… I have decided to dedicate time to both of them to help them get where they want to be… I really believe that when you believe in people they begin to believe in themselves more… Both of these people are more than able to do want they want to do… I just think sometimes we all need a little nudge… I thank God for allowing me to help these people and I look forward to seeing them succeed in life…

Here’s some questions for you to consider:
Do you believe in people?
Have you ever taken time to show someone they can do something that they want to do?
Do you speak words of encouragement to your friend, family and others?
Do you stand at the door and help people find their way?

I challenge you to consider these questions… Let me know what you think…