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So I don’t really talk much about my ministry work on my blog but I felt like this was a really cool idea that Pastor Joey and I came up with. I have recently become more and more stressed out with not having enough volunteers so I asked Pastor Joey if he had any creative ideas. This morning he told about one which we talked through and a great idea came out of it.

So the idea is that the Technology Department of RCC offer some classes to the general congregation and then some classes to people wanting to get involved immediately in serving.

So here’s some of the classes we are thinking about:

  • General Classes
    • Digital Photo Editing (Picasa and Photoshop Elements)
    • How To Make A Great Home Video (Premiere Elements)
    • Blogging and Social Networking 101
    • Making Great Business Presentations
  • Volunteer Training Classes
    • Intro to Stage Lighting
    • Intro to Media Shout
    • Intro to Live Video Cameras
    • Intro to Sound Mixing
    • Intro to Field Production
    • Intro to Video Editing
    • Intro to Graphic Production

I am really excited about getting to teach most of these classes. I really like doing presentations and especially teaching people about anything technology or media related. As we get closer to the actual date of these classes I will give out some more details.

Some new news stuff…

Here’s the most up to date technology information:

Who founded Facebook? A new claim emerges.

My thoughts: What is up with these fellow classmates saying Mark Zuckerburg stole the idea. I think they are just jealous because the company is doing so well. I think if these guys have a true claim then it will be obvious in court but it sounds like they just want a piece of the Facebook pie. I personally think Facebook is the best online social network out there.

No New NBC Shows to be sold by Apple

My thoughts: Oh no… That means no more SNL, Heroes, or any of my other favorite shows. Come on Apple, settle this dispute please!!! I was just getting ready to download Season 1 of Heroes and hoping that Season 2 would be put up on a constant basis during the season. Apple and NBC need to resolve this issue immediatley.

San Fransico Wi-Fi Fog

My thoughts: That just stinks. Earthlink is pulling out of its plan to blanket San Fransico with free Wi-Fi from Google. Now San Fransico is not going to be Wi-Fi free everywhere. After reading that article, I looked into other cities that have tried this in the past and there were a few. Chicago ended up tabling its project due to the amount of money the city would have to invest. I think the idea is great but I do see from a business perspective how they could be costly for the city and the companies. was officially launched today. I redid the look/feel and of course the web address. Let me know what you think about the new site.

I will continue to deliver the vision I have for Media Thoughts through and other mediums. You can also join our FaceBook group. I will let you know about more mediums in the future. I am also currently working on a custom graphic for Media Thoughts and 804 Media Works (My Private Company).

Shoot me an e-mail to if you have any questions or concerns.


Props to my friends at

As many of you know I have a couple of friends at… Terry Storch, Brandon Donaldson, Bobby Gruenewald and the rest of the team all work really hard every week… I watch most of their blogs and e-mail/chat with some of them on a weekly basis… I noticed some really cool stuff on Terry’s website that I wanted to pass along… offers a ton of great resources for FREE…

Here’s some more stuff that there are up to: (New Series) (New Online + Interactive Bible)

Facebook Church (Will be announced soon) (New Internet Campus)

This is a little old but I just found out about it…

By the way this ad campaign was HIGHLY effective for… Check out the website…

Well I just wanted to give some props to my friend at… Keep doing great work and building God’s kindgom!!!

I look forward to talking about some projects my church is working on… We got some pretty big stuff coming out soon!!!

My Facebook Badge

I just added my Facebook badge to the sidebar >>>

 Be sure and check out my Facebook page and/or friend me on there… Facebook is my #1 Social Network…

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Top 3 Social Networks (In my mind)

There are many social networks and I wanted to give some free advertising to them… and of course give my thoughts on them as well…

Facebook by far is the #1 Social Network (in my mind)… It is just getting better and better everyday… I like it because it’s not trashy and the pages are not customizable which means no crazy, scary graphics by demonic people… I also love the new applications you can add like WordPress in Facebook and more…

My Church is my #2 Social Network… I don’t get on it much right now because I like Facebook the most but it’s pluses are again no customizable pages so no weird demonic pictures… It’s also designed for churches and Christians so it’s clean…

 This social network is #3 on my list… I just learned about it by Terry Storch and Bobby Gruenewald but it looks really cool… It is designed for more of a professional social network… Plus it’s not MySpace so it’s got to be good…

That’s right NO MYSPACE!!! I have never liked MySpace because it has always been way too customizable especially people’s personal pages… Now I know some people don’t do this but there are some very demonic people on MySpace with really scary, weird, funky personal pages… MySpace can be an okay social network but the above three rival it anyday…

Let me know which social networks you like…