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A Bad Video Taping…

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just doesn’t want to work?

Well I had one of those nights on Wednesday… I was out with our Field Production Team doing another video drama taping… We were all ready to go and then we find out that the new shotgun mic doesn’t pick up enough distance… We boost all the audio levels and do the recording anyway… BAD IDEA!!! We ended up spending about 3 hours at the Capital One West Creek Buildings… We all had fun but wow it was long…

So then on Friday I had one of the video producers import the tapes and he finds out that there is really no audio… So then I handed it off to our Worship Pastor (who is a audio genius) and he couldn’t get it to work out right… So we have to re-tape the entire drama…

The best part of this whole thing is everyone so far has been very understanding and willing to go re-shoot it… By the way we returned the shotgun mic and borrowed a boom mic from a local video production company (we used it on the last video drama)…

I guess we will see how this one goes…


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